Apply for the New Economy Booster


Applications are now closed.

STEP 1: Check the specifics you should meet

We want solutions that focus on projects that are addressing challenges in the industries of Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Hospitality, and Manufacturing. See industry specific details.

We want impact-driven entrepreneurs with both advanced and early-stage ventures, high-potential startups, non-profit organizations and initiatives based in Ghana that:

STEP 2. Go through the sample and prepare needed information

It's advisable that you peruse the sample of the application form before you get started. Here is the sample form to help you gather the information you need.​

STEP 3. Grab a drink, and start the application. You've got this!

  • Identify key economic recovery challenges and opportunities in their local community around the potential recovery of the post-COVID-19 economy

  • Have the potential to generate a great social or environmental impact

  • Are preventing job loss or generating new local employment opportunities in industries that are suffering or are at risk of suffering

  • Are scalable and making some revenue or are projected to make some revenue in the near future 

  • Are already in the market or ready to go-to-market

  • Are technically and economically feasible

  • Will see commitment of the project team to follow through and collaborate